Ideas for a Romantic Dinner for Two

Flickering candles, and, of course, gourmet food – the recipe for the perfect romantic dinner for two is simple but so easy to organize? Surely you would like to enjoy the company of a loved one and not “be on duty” at the stove.

If you do not want to waste time preparing complex dishes or are not sure of your culinary powers, entrust your romantic dinner to our professional chefs at So Good Food Caterer by contacting us here.

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“Catering will allow you to spend the perfect evening alone with your loved one and provide excellent romantic food. We have prepared ready-made menus for a romantic dinner, you just have to choose the best.”


Features of a Romantic Dinner

  • A special atmosphere is the most important thing in a romantic dinner. The atmosphere should be conducive to sincere conversation and communication in private. To create a romantic atmosphere, a beautiful table setting, candles, flowers, heart-shaped dishes, and other pleasant little things are used.


  • The right menu – a romantic dinner menu should be unusual, with a twist. Here you can order exquisite signature snacks for a romantic dinner, which will surely impress your counterpart.


  • Light meals – Romantic dining options can be delicious, but not overly heavy. Your task is to create a pleasant environment for conversation, and not to gorge itself until the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Buffet appetizers will become light dishes that will give pleasure.


Romantic Dinner Menu

Of course, there is no single template for preparing the romantic. However, we managed to select the most suitable dishes for the evening alone with the dearest person.


Start your romantic dinner with aperitif and light snacks. The best snacks for a romantic dinner for a loved one are canapes. Here you will find many variations of classic and original canapes with cheese, fish, and meat.

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Ready sets

If you don’t want to waste time on the menu, order a set of romantic dishes for your dinner. Among our ready-made buffet sets, there is a Light set with five types of canapes, individually served salads, cold snacks, and desserts. Order two such sets – and the festive table is ready.

Sweet confession

A light dessert will be a worthy end to a romantic dinner. Panna cotta of roses, champagne jelly, Belgian chocolate banana mousse, and a selection of charming petit fours are ideal for this role. Order desserts for a romantic dinner and enjoy the perfect atmosphere!

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