Hosting a Private Party

Hosting a Private Party

The decorations, the nice music, and the food – all of these elements, not forgetting a lot of love and careful planning goes into contributing to a lovely private party. We have compiled a few tips that hopefully would help you put on a great party. So Good cafe would love to help you achieve the best private party catering for your event.

Set Budget & Venue

To have set a budget and adhere to it with every step is a great way to help sort and determine a lot of things, from venue to how many people you intend to invite to the deco and entertainment and lastly the food menu. So Good Cafe has different types of event venues for private party catering.


It’s best to plan a deco theme ahead of time and prepare all props in advance. Fresh flowers or helium balloons should be prepared on the same day so they remain fresh and standing strong throughout the event. If it’s within your budget, renting a photo booth that your guests can use to make funny, funky memorable cards is a great choice. For seated arrangement, you may consider personalised your event by adding the guest’s name tags and placed where they should be seated. For outdoor events, you may consider hiring a live band or outdoor screen to jazz up the ambiance.

The Food

Food plays a vital role in the occasion because whatever the celebration, it isn’t a celebration without the right kind of Feast! Food is always tied to bringing people together and enables us to stay connected with the ones we love. If you don’t have time to handle the food on your own, catering would be the best choice. We have good types of catering menus to choose from. Pick a menu that you like most and be certain it has plenty of choices, delicious option and refreshing beverages to go around throughout the celebration.