9 Best Rooftop Bars in the World

9 Best Rooftop Bars in the World

There are so many beautiful places that can be visited such as the 9 best rooftop bars in the world, with incredible views. There are some in the city and there are also in several corners of the city that does have its own characteristics. You can feel the sensation of extraordinary scenery to see nature and more. In addition, romantic sensations and different nuances at night even make us feel more comfortable and calmer.

1. QT Melbourne

QT Melbourne

For rooftops in Australia this is very multifunctional and also offers a good atmosphere. During the day it’s usually used as a site for pop-up yoga sessions for guests. Those who usually want to enjoy the beautiful skyline will definitely choose the rooftop here. However, specifically for mealtimes, the best rooftop bar in the world will be used as a place to eat while feeling the pleasure of the food offered.


2. HGU New York

Here, you will find lots of beautiful buildings and skyscrapers. Not only trendy and stylish but the buildings there will also make you feel very calm. Rose Hill Rooftop 34 at this HFU hotel is one of the most stylish and visited. The owners work closely with the designer deliberately this rooftop design has an intimate terrace.

HGU New York

In addition, there are also some hotel guests who can indeed stay free here if staying. Not only that, publics who have booked with prior reservations will usually be given priority. So, if indeed a reservation or booked place is full they will certainly offer to book on another day. In contrast to the daytime, at night, there is a classic black and white film that was deliberately screened.

3. Aria Hotel Budapest

Aria Hotel Budapest

What you can feel the sensation of this hotel is its High Note SkyBar which is equipped with extraordinary facilities. Starting from the roof garden which was deliberately opened all year by seeing first hand the beauty of the city of Budapest. You can also order a lot of food offered for their international and local menus. Traveling with a partner and also relatives is perfect for you to do.

4. San Francisco Proper Hotel

San Francisco Proper Hotel

This is the first hotel to open in San Francisco in more than a decade. Even so, besides there are many historical values ​​and other points, in this hotel there is a rooftop that is very nice and minimalist. You will feel the sensation of being directly on top of the building by looking at the beautiful sky view. Do not miss taking pictures with special people while there because the scenery is very beautiful.


5. Moonlite Kitchen Bar

San Francisco Proper Hotel

In Indonesia, you can also find the best rooftop bar in the world with a very nice view. Here, you will meet tourists from various countries to feel like being abroad. The location of this rooftop is not too far from the city so it is still quite strategic and easy to reach. There are so many tourists who enjoy the sunset on this rooftop that is clearly visible for its beauty.


6. Sky Garden Rooftop Lounge

Sky Garden Rooftop Lounge

No less cool, in Bali, there is also a rooftop that offers views that are no less exotic. Not only famous as a place of night entertainment that just hits, here you can relax with relatives or special people to feel the beauty of this most beautiful city in Indonesia. In the afternoon if you want to visit here, try to find a place that really fits the atmosphere.

They offer several angles that you can choose as the most comfortable place. When relaxing, you will be accompanied by the atmosphere and panorama of the red sky, especially at sunset. Not only is the beautiful atmosphere offered, but also with the All You Can Eat Program, you can freely choose the desired and desired menus.


7. Double Six Rooftop

Double Six Rooftop

Here is a very famous rooftop offered as a place that must be visited. When you are on holiday in Bali, make sure you never feel the sensation of sitting on a rooftop, especially at night. Many tourists prefer it because the distance from the closest hotel only takes 2 minutes. You will enjoy a restaurant with a view of the best Bali sunset rooftop bar in the world which is extraordinary and very distinctive.


8. Unique Rooftop Bar

Unique Rooftop Bar

Restaurants that are no less providing rooftop services are located here in Rimba Jimbaran Bali. They present every visitor or tourist with endless natural beauty. From the top of Rimba Jimbaran, you will also see a scene that feels like you don’t want to look away.


9. The Silo Hotel

The hotel that stands with good and attractive design not only has good rooms, but also a rooftop. You will see a twisting view but will be surprised at the roof. For those who are looking for a comfortable and beautiful place, you must try here. You will feel like you’re floating above Cape Town which has a view of table mountain.

The Silo Hotel

You will also meet directly with a sea that is amazing, amazingly beautiful. At the bottom, you can also see directly the swimming pool offered, especially in a special pool. in advance. The reason is that it is often full so that it makes you disappointed if you cannot sit there.

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